6 Awesome Places to Visit in Toronto

Toronto is home to over 2.6 million people as well as being the centre for culture, entertainment and finance in Canada. It is also the seat of government for the province of Ontario. Situated on Lake Ontario this massive city has a healthy tourist industry, and there is an abundance of things to do whether you are visiting the city or it is your home. There truly is something for everyone in Toronto, and here is a brief example of what the city has to offer, and why it is such a popular destination for visitors of all ages and nationalities.

Saint Lawrence Market

The Saint Lawrence market is one of the biggest in the country and a delightful place to visit whether you are a serious shopper or just like browsing around the shops and taking in the atmosphere. If you come to the market, give yourself at least two to three hours minimum for getting around the shops without rushing, because if you are on a tight schedule you will regret it. The market has a vast fresh food area with an unbelievable selection of items that you probably will have difficulty finding anywhere else. Apart from food, there is an area for antique dealers, and also a section that is home to a Flea market with featured events, displays and demonstrations. Apart from shopping, the Saint Lawrence Market will often host cooking classes, so it is advisable to check out its events page before paying a visit.

Evergreen Brick Works

In 2012, the Evergreen Brick works won the Canadian Green Buildings award and was commended for its forward thinking approach to sustainability and environmentalism. The area itself has been developed as a farmer’s market, but is much more, and a fabulous place to spend some time learning about environmental sustainable issues and how to deal with them. The Evergreen Brick Works is a must visit location if you are visiting Toronto, and it is perfect to spend a day soaking in the natural environmental vibe. As well as day visits there is always something to do in the evenings such as pizza or movie nights.

Woodbine Beach

When you think of Canada, the first thing that springs to mind is not a beach vacation, but Woodbine beach is one of the few that is well worth a visit. If the weather is good, you can lie and soak up the sun on one of the city’s most beautiful and above all clean beaches. There are a lot of surrounding parks, and areas to play beach volley, but if this does not appeal you can be guaranteed some excellent swimming in the lake.

Distillery Historic District

The Distillery Historic District is a section of the old city that has been restored to a high standard and is well worth a visit if you enjoy sightseeing. Architecturally stunning with plenty of interesting little shops and restaurants for when you are in the mood for browsing and have time on your hands. The distillery district is a pedestrian-only village and is known internationally as one of the Canada’s biggest tourist attractions. When you finish window shopping you can be assured of a good meal as this district is home to many award winning restaurants. There is always something to do in the Distillery District, and you can get there on foot as it is only a short walk from downtown Toronto.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a miscellaneous collection of interesting and distinctive shops. If you are coming to this part of the city to window shop, you could take home almost anything from clothes to speciality cheese. North of downtown Toronto the district has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, when it was the called the Jewish Market. These days the diversity of the area has exploded into a truly vibrant mixed ethnic community selling their goods and services. Here, the Caribbean meets the Middle East, meets South America and Asia. The charm of the place is that you never know what you might find in its shops and eateries.

Steam Whistle Brewery

What could be more fun than a trip around a brewery, and some terrific beer to drink? If you have got an afternoon that is free, then the Steam Whistle Brewery is the place to head for, to taste one of the country’s finest brews. The tours are tremendously popular and run seven days a week. It takes about thirty minutes to get around, and of course you get to sample the goods, and buy a couple of packs to take home.

One of the great things about living or visiting Toronto is that you will always find something to do. It genuinely is a unique and magnificent city.

Thanks to Torontorentals.com for ideas and images used in this article.

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